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In With The New Year (a.k.a. Hell Yeah 2013)

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Don’t take the tone of the headline to mean I had a terrible 2012. Far from it, in fact, but taking a broader look at the how the world fared in 2012, it was a very hard year filled with brutal wars, devastating storms and political unrest – not the mention our obnoxious insanity over a Mayan prediction that the world would end. It didn’t, though if we hadn’t obliterated the Mayan civilization ages ago we may have known more. But it’s 2013 now, and it’s a fresh start.Photo Nov 09, 7 36 03 AM

I’m a big supporter of taking the New Year seriously. New beginnings are important, and if we really wanted we could have them every day and not just ceremoniously on Jan. 1 each year. However, this year I’m hoping to hold myself to a few resolutions, which I’ll share below since saying them out loud, writing them down for the world to see, might just help me to better keep them.

1. Family first. I always live by this, but when work piles up or you’re trying to make progress on your own pet projects it’s important to remind yourself that nothing is more important to create than a happy family bound in love, and to do that it takes attention and presence.

2. Create every day. I tend to put pressure on myself to write more and play music more and compose more and take more photos, but rather than trying to cram it all in one day, I pledge to spend some time every day doing something personally creative. Could be five minutes or three hours. Yesterday I changed my website theme. Today I write this post.

3. Meditate. I try to establish a practice but often fail, but mental health is just as important as physical health. Going to make it happen this year.

4. Read more, watch TV less. I watch TV a lot because I can have it on in the background while I work, but most shows are terrible out there. I read a lot now, especially news, but have slowed my fiction intake in the past few years. Time to pick it back up.

5. Make the world better at every opportunity. This is obviously a vague resolution, but it’s more of a mindset I’d like to keep. The world needs it. There’s so much that needs fixing and it only happens through our actions.

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