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Rose Tree 2013

Rose Tree 2013

Posted on 23 Jun 2013 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

Every year I post photos of my rose tree, one of my favorite things. It’s a decades-old rose vine that has climbed up a cherry tree and each spring blooms, so the tree itself looks like it has sprouted roses. Maybe it’s fitting that I post these on my birthday. Another year, another bloom. Life […]

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Gallery: Boats I’d Like to Own

Posted on 15 Jun 2013 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

You can think about the things that you’ll never be able to own, or you can walk right up to them and at least snap a few photos of the unattainable for your blog. That’s what I’ve done here with this gallery of incredible yachts docked just a few miles from my home. I also […]

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Butterflies and Birds [GALLERY]

Posted on 09 Dec 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

Going through my photo archive I found a set of photos taken in April 2012 at the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center‘s butterfly exhibit that I had forgotten about. I ended up getting a few good ones, especially after playing with the levels and dropping in a few filters. Still, indoor photography tends to not be my […]

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In and Around Bermuda’s Maritime Museum [GALLERY]

Posted on 24 Aug 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

Took me just over a year to post all the photos I took in Bermuda here, which pretty much says it all when it comes to how often I find to time to update my website, but here is the final batch. This set comes mostly from the Bermuda Maritime Museum at the Royal Naval […]

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The Textures of the Dockyard [GALLERY]

Posted on 20 Jul 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I visited Bermuda. Boy would I love to get back there soon. At least I have the photos. This set was taken at the Royal Dockyard, the section of Bermuda where we were docked. Since the area was once a fort, there’s a very fortified look to […]

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