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In and Around Bermuda’s Maritime Museum [GALLERY]

Posted on 24 Aug 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

Took me just over a year to post all the photos I took in Bermuda here, which pretty much says it all when it comes to how often I find to time to update my website, but here is the final batch. This set comes mostly from the Bermuda Maritime Museum at the Royal Naval […]

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The Textures of the Dockyard [GALLERY]

Posted on 20 Jul 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I visited Bermuda. Boy would I love to get back there soon. At least I have the photos. This set was taken at the Royal Dockyard, the section of Bermuda where we were docked. Since the area was once a fort, there’s a very fortified look to […]

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A Look at Hamilton [GALLERY]

Posted on 22 Jun 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

So I’m sitting here, on the eve of my 35th birthday, drinking a cold Dark and Stormy and I’m reminded that it’s almost a year since I visited Bermuda last summer and I still haven’t uploaded all of my photos. That’s about to change. Here are a few taken in Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital and largest […]

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In Bermuda, A Tree Grows Through a Church [GALLERY]

Posted on 05 Apr 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

My interest in vacant buildings came out on my summer trip to Bermuda, when I caught this empty church on the side of the road on a scooter trip into Hamilton. Check it out, trees are actually growing through the building of this, the former Faith Tabernacle Church.

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The Boats of Bermuda [GALLERY]

Posted on 31 Mar 2012 in Photo Blog | 0 comments

This latest gallery from my trip to Bermuda focuses an the assortment of boats I saw in the pristine turquoise waters of the island paradise. My favorites were the two tugboats stationed in the Royal Naval Dockyard, Faithful and Powerful. There’s definitely a poem in that.

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